Approved NOC

NOC Approved & Issued by North Bengal International University

Name Designation Office / Department Issue Date View / Download
Sarjana Shabab Lecturer Electrical and Electronic Engineering 14-11-2019 Sarjana Shabab NOC NOC
Tamanna Siddiquee Lecturer Islamic History & Culture 30-10-2019 Tamanna Siddiquee NOC NOC
Kanij Fatema Kanon Assistant Professor Sociology 25-10-2019 Kanij Fatema Kanon NOC NOC
Anusuya Sarkar Lecturer Business Studies 25-10-2019 Anusuya Sarkar NOC NOC
Md. Abdulla Sarkar Lecturer Islamic History and Culture 25-10-2019 Md. Abdulla Sarkar NOC NOC
Md. Abdul Kuddus Assistant Professor Business Studies 22-10-2019 Md. Abdul Kuddus NOC NOC
Professor Dr. Abdul Khaleque Vice Chancellor Administration 01-10-2019 Professor Dr. Abdul Khaleque NOC NOC
Reaz Mohammed Registrar Administration 01-10-2019 Reaz Mohammed NOC NOC
Hasan Imam Sweet Lecturer Bangla 30-09-2019 Hasan Imam Sweet NOC NOC
Mst. Swapna Khatun Lecturer Political Science 20-09-2019 Mst. Swapna Khatun NOC NOC
Joydev Saha Lecturer CSE 16-09-2019 Joydev Saha NOC NOC
Md. Mejanur Rahman Peon Registrar 11-09-2019 Md. Mejanur Rahman NOC NOC
Tapos Kumar Lecturer Law 08-09-2019 Tapos Kumar NOC NOC