Dr. M. Habibur Rahman

Faculty Member

Professor & Dean

Department of Law
Contact: +88 01720 300055, habiburlaw@hotmail.com

Academic Background

LL.B. (1968), M.Sc. (1968) : University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)

LL.M. (1979) : University of Rajshahi (Bangladesh)

LL.M. (1982) : University of Wales (United Kingdom)

Ph.D. (1999): National Law School of India University  (Bangalore)

Professional / Teaching Experience

Department of Law & Justice, Rajshahi University, Rajshahi-6205, Bangladesh.

(a) Lecturer : 1970-74, (b) Assistant Professor : 1974-84, (c) Associate Professor : 1984-92, (d) Chairman : 1987-90, (e) Professor : 1992 onward, (f) Dean, Faculty of Law : 2001-2003

Seminars Attended

Attended seminars at home and abroad held under the auspices of the Hague Academy of International Law and UNITAR, Bangkok (1974), Dhaka (1976, 1984), SAARC Water Partnership Seminar, Katmandu (Nepal), 2002, Seminar on the Role of Major Powers in South Asia arranged by the Institute of Regional Studies, August 2003, Islamabad, International Conference on Japan and SAARC Co-operation , 2006, Dhaka.

Field of Specialization

Law of the Sea, International Law, Marine Environment, Foreign Policy, Constitutional Law, Muslim Law, UN & ICJ Affairs, Human Rights, Air and Space Law.

Title of LLM Thesis

Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries with Special Reference to the Bangladesh –India Situation, 1982

Title of Ph.D. Thesis

Deep Seabed Mining Under the Law of the Sea Convention, 1982 with Special Reference to the Interests of Developing Countries


Published papers on Law of the Sea, Human Rights, Muslim Law of Succession, Bangladesh Constitution in Research Journals in U.K., USA, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh some of whose abstracts have also been published in International and Political Science Abstracts Documentation in Paris. My book Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries (1991) has been reviewed in ICLQ (London) in 1992.

Other Present Positions

Life Member of Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Rajshahi University Senate Member etc.

President of Bangladesh Society of International Law (BSIL)

Postdoctoral Research

Carried research on LEGAL REGIME OF MARINE ENVIRONENT IN THE BAY OF BENGAL  in the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg, Germany during November 2004 – April 2005. The book has been published  at Atlantic Publishers and Distributors (2007), New Delhi, India. It is of xix+377 pages, ISBN : 81-269-0759-2, Web: www. atlanticbooks.com, E-mail: info@atlanticbooks.com

Doctoral (PhD) Thesis Guide

1)       Md. Aminul  Islam: Law and Administration of Agrarian Tenancy in Bangladesh (2005), Department of Law, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh

2)       Md. Aminur Rahmam: Human Rights for Backward Section of Citizens with Special Reference to Education : A Study of Dhaka City Slum Dwellers (2006), Institute of Education and Research (IER), Rajshahi University, Bangladesh

3)       Nasrin Lubna: Consumer Rights in Bangladesh : Legal Status and Protection Modalities (2006), Institute of Bangladesh Studies (IBS), Rajshahi University, Bangladesh

4)       A F M Mohsin: Equitable Reliefs Under the Civil Justice System in Bangladesh : An Analytical Study (2008), Department of Law and Justice, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh

5)       Zahid Rafique: Company Law as Administered in Bangladesh with Emphasis on Shares and Debentures (2011), Institute of Bangladesh Studies (IBS), Rajshahi University, Bangladesh

6)       A.B.M. Mahmudul Hoque: Institutionalizing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the Justice System of Bangladesh with Special Reference to Village Court (2011), Institute of Bangladesh Studies (IBS), Rajshahi University, Bangladesh

Moreover, several Ph.D/M.Phil fellows are pursuing research under my supervision. I have examined several PhD/M. Phil dissertations and convened my consent to different institutions to examine their dissertations at home and abroad.


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Book Review

Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries (1991) By M. Habibur Rahman (Bangladesh) : N.M. Rahman Talukder $ 10/$ 18 : Reviewed by Clive R. Symmons in International and Com parative Law Quarterly (London) April 1992 Vol . 47 pp 487-788.

Media : Telecasting

a)       ATN (News) Telecasting on 15 March 2012 at 11-12 P. M  regarding Bangladesh and Myanmar Maritime Boundary Delimitation by ITLOS (Hamburg)

b)       Maasranga Television Telecasting Channel on 18 March 2012 at 11-12  P.M

c)       Talk Show : Independent Channel regarding Bangladesh – Myanmar Maritime Boundary Delimitation, 28 March 2012 at 11-12 P. M

d)       Talk Show : Independent Channel on 15 April 2012 at 11-12 P.M